Laird has been serving the needs of RF/Microwave and antenna engineers for over five decades with a broad range of low loss dielectric materials.
The Eccostock® brand is known worldwide by antenna engineers that seek materials to optimize antenna performance based on dielectric constant and loss property requirements.

Laird offers a broad range of dielectric products used in antennas, transmission lines, cavity tuning probes, electronic modules and RF/microwave devices. Products may serve as low loss spacers, structural supports and encapsulants, thermal barriers as well as radomes.

Eccostock low loss dielectrics are available with loss tangents as low as .0001 and dielectric constants ranging from 1.03 to 30.  Products are available as flexible and rigid foams including foam in place systems, rigid thermoset materials, composites with controlled K values as well as powders and adhesives.

ECCOSTOCK - Low Loss Dielectrics

Low Loss/Low Dielectric Foam Products

  • One part, epoxy based, free flowing powder
  • Low loss, low dielectric, low density thermoset plastic
  • Low loss, low density, closed cell, compressible polyethylene foam

Low Loss/Low Dielectric Thermoset Materials

  • Translucent, rigid, cross-linked polystyrene, does not flow

Low Loss Materials with Controlled Dielectric Constants