RFID (Radio Frequency IDentification) is a technology that enables the transfer of information to and from a memory source (microchip) without contact using energy in the RF spectrum.
Laird's expertise in microwave absorbing materials has proven useful in many pilot set ups in which the customer wants to optimize his RFID reading portals. Our standard broadband absorbers, Eccosorb AN and Eccosorb LS, have been used successfully to increase reading performance of the portals or to avoid crosstalk and interference with other systems.
Laird has also developed specific absorbers for RFID portal applications. Our Eccosorb LBA is a light weight absorber especially designed for UHF RFID applications.

RFID on metal

A limiting factor in the widespread adoption of RFID as an asset tracking tool is the difficulty in reading RFID tags on metallic or liquid objects. Laird has developed some unique solutions to enable RFID tags to be read when placed on metal.

For HF frequency (13.56 MHz), Laird has developed the Eccopad line of RFID isolators, which serve to enable RFID tags to read on metal objects with considerably less thickness than the traditional approach.